A Woman and Her Image

I recently had a makeover. More specifically, my business image had a makeover. Although it may sound less exciting than a day of shopping and makeup, it was actually very interesting because of what it revealed about my passions and my goals. We were able to translate that into a logo, which visually captures the image I hope to portray to the women I work with. Let me explain.

A tree by any other name…is a woman?

The main feature of the logo is the tree in the center of Julie Newcomb. The tree is a natural symbol for growth and prosperity, which are certainly the primary goals of any financial planner. But, at second glance, you notice that the base of a tree is the shape of a woman with her arms outstretched.

The Significance: I am passionate about helping women becoming financially confident— it’s what I’ve spent over 25 years doing. I have discovered that, when women are confident about their finances, it spills over into so many areas of their lives. It’s empowering when you know you have options and can make the best decisions for your family. I love that I have the ability to help women have a financial impact on their families for generations to come.

Mastering the balancing act

The leaves on top of the tree also have a double meaning. A tree in full bloom gives the impression of thriving—an adjective we all hope to use in regard to our finances. But the shape of the tree’s canopy of leaves was strategically chosen to represent the many balls that women juggle on a daily basis. Unlike most of us, this woman appears to be juggling with ease making her an aspirational icon.

The Significance: As a business owner who is also a wife and mother, I feel the same pressures and challenges you encounter on a daily basis. Marriage, kids, household, business, finances, volunteering, personal care…the list goes on. My goal is to take some of the pressure off by putting a plan in place for your financial future. My hope is that you will feel confident knowing that there is someone you trust who can give you financial advice.

Now that my image reflects my passions and goals, I want to learn about your passions and goals! The best part of my business is getting to know you, your family and what’s most important to you so I can develop a plan for your unique situation. It IS possible to achieve your goals and you CAN become financially confident!


Julie Newcomb, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in Orange County, CA, specializes in financial planning for women.  As a wife, mom and business owner, Julie understands the pressures and challenges most women feel on a daily basis as they juggle many important priorities. Julie’s favorite thing about her job is the ability to give women peace of mind when they entrust her with their finances. To learn more about Julie Newcomb Financial, go to julienewcomb.com.